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1949 Dodge Pickup Truck

FIAT 500 - Titanium

The Dodge truck represents the early years of the brand and was one of the first vehicles in which Mopar was able to provide a complete group of durable, OEM replacement parts. This early Dodge truck was a workhorse. It became a part of people’s livelihood based on the work it performed and was a perfect platform for the Mopar engineers to use to validate the quality, fit, and function of the parts they were developing. And so the tradition of Mopar enriching production vehicles began by keeping them on the road and “at work” longer. The year 1949 was when designer Virgil Exner joined Chrysler. His designs would soon bring excitement to all Chrysler brands and pave the way for the growth of Mopar from a full line of repair and replacement parts to a true brand.

Key Events

  • Technical innovations become common, such as the “Gyromatic” transmission
  • Mopar grows to be a full line of repair and replacement parts for Chrysler vehicles to support growing complexity of the automobiles


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