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Below you can download the installation sheets for various parts of the Mopar Lift Kits.

Application iSheet
2" Mopar Lift Kit Download Installation Sheet
4" Mopar Lift Kit Download Installation Sheet


  • The use of 35" or larger diameter tires may require modification to installed Mopar and aftermarket components for adequate clearance
  • Vehicle RPM and speedometer readings are based on the stock vehicle's tire and wheel combinations. Installing larger wheels and tires with your Mopar Performance Lift Kit could result in incorrect RPM, speedometer and odometer readings.
  • Lift Kits alter vehicle properties and effect handling. Lift Kits are intended to be used for off-road driving only. Your kit will come with more detailed instructions and warnings.
  • Lift Kits work with all vehicle systems, including the Electronic Stability Control, and are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. The Lift Kit warrantor is the Lift Kit manufacturer, not Mopar, Chyrsler Group LLC, or the dealership selling the product.