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MCAP Dealer Benefits

One of the integral things that sets MCAP apart from other programs is the partnership between dealers, students and schools. Depending on the school’s curriculum, students can rotate their time between classroom instruction and training with a dealer as they fulfill the requirements of the program. Being a MCAP dealer offers many other advantages, including:

  • You can build your service dream team.

    Participate in this program and you’ll be able to hand pick the technicians you want for your team. Sponsor MCAP students, and you’ll be able to groom them as they work at your dealership while completing the 18-24 month program - which means you’ll already know they have the skills you’re looking for and are a good fit for your team.

  • MCAP graduates are experts on your vehicles.

    MCAP students learn on the latest Chrysler, Jeep®, Dodge, Ram and FIAT® curriculum - so you’ll have an experienced technician with product knowledge that is much greater than someone off the street with a generic certificate or automotive degree.

  • MCAP graduates are trained on the latest technologies.

    The auto industry is constantly changing, and MCAP students are always prepared with training on the latest FCA US LLC tools, equipment and diagnostic processes.

  • Students become your loyal employees.

    MCAP students know the investment you’ve made in them, and their loyalty to you is beyond compare to someone simply hired off the street. Hire a MCAP student, and you’ll have a long-term employee who is dedicated to you, your dealership and your products.

  • You’ll enjoy less turnover, which can save you time...and money.

    Every time an employee leaves, it costs you. There’s the loss of production until they are replaced. The money to advertise jobs and conduct background checks on new hires. Not to mention the time it takes to interview and train people. Because MCAP grads are more loyal to their dealers, much of this loss can often be avoided.

Want to learn more? Ready to become a MCAP dealer?

We have MCAP Relationship Managers all over the country who are ready to answer questions, get you enrolled, help you partner with an MCAP school or find students to sponsor and graduates to hire. Just email us at or complete our contact form and we’ll get in touch right away.