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MCAP Dealer Involvement

Deciding to become a Mopar® Career Automotive Program (MCAP) dealer is a smart choice that will benefit your dealership today...and in the future. As a participating dealer, there are many things you can do to get the most out of the program, including:

Sponsor MCAP Students.

Whether it’s someone you already know or a student you connect with through a participating school, sponsoring a student lets you groom experienced technicians for your team that are ready to work exclusively on the latest Chrysler, Jeep®, Dodge, Ram and FIAT® vehicles at your dealership. These students could be:

  • A current employee in your organization who you feel has potential or has expressed an interest in furthering their career
  • A student who has already contacted a participating MCAP school and is looking for a sponsoring dealer (the school or one of our Relationship Managers can connect you with students)
  • A friend or family member that you’d like to have join your team
  • A military veteran (all military veterans have access to the GI Bill, which can be used toward their MCAP school tuition)

Build relationships with schools near you.

From taking part in career fairs to developing relationships with automotive or technical instructors, having a presence within schools near you can be a great way to find future technicians.

  • Many dealers find success by getting involved with local high school automotive programs, where they can identify students who could get involved in MCAP right out of high school.
  • Of course, colleges and technical schools are an important source to find MCAP students you’d like to sponsor...and eventually hire.

Join the MCAP Advisory Board or attend FCA Dealer Days.

A great way to find future technicians is to be a part of the Dealer Advisory Board or attend FCA Dealer Days at an MCAP school. Comprised of dealers, students, FCA US LLC personnel and school administration, these are great opportunities for you to engage with a MCAP school.

  • The purpose of these groups is to review the core curriculum, class content and course schedules to determine the direction in which the program should go and ensure that it is keeping up with changes in the auto industry and technological advances in FCA vehicles.
  • Your participation gives you the opportunity to offer your expertise and help a MCAP school develop a program that ultimately creates the kind of technicians you would like to hire.

Get involved with MCAP today.

Send us an email at or complete our contact form and one of our MCAP Relationship Managers will be in touch to answer any questions, get you enrolled, help you partner with an MCAP school or find students to sponsor and graduates to hire.