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MCAP School Benefits

It will enhance your school's reputation for excellence and leading-edge technology.

The auto industry is ever-changing and extremely competitive. Because the MCAP experience includes training on cutting-edge FCA US LLC diagnostics and the latest technologies for Chrysler, Jeep®, Dodge, Ram and FIAT® products - offering the MCAP curriculum will show students looking for a career in the automotive industry that your school is the smart choice.

It can increase career options for students.

Not only will it give current students more curriculum choices, but it also opens your school up to a wider range of potential students interested in technical programs and the auto industry. In as little as 18 months, students could have their MCAP certification.

It will broaden your reach to potential students.

As a MCAP school, you’ll be included in the list of participating schools here on the MCAP website. That means potential students looking to enroll in a technical program or dealers near you hoping to sponsor a student will see your school as a MCAP option.

It has the complete support from FCA US LLC.

Chrysler Corporation recognized the need for a program like this when they started it in 1984, and that support continues today. FCA US LLC knows this program provides opportunities for students to become highly trained, automotive service technicians, and they do many things to support MCAP schools that help make that happen, including:

  • Free instructor training
  • Extensive web-training access for students and instructors
  • Marketing materials and support from MCAP Relationship Managers
Make your school a MCAP school today.

Talk to one of our Relationship Managers today to get any questions answered and find out how participating in MCAP can be a great advantage for your school. Email us at to get started.