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ev range and optimization
ev range and optimization

There are multiple ways to optimize the drive and range of your EV/PHEV. From using Hybrid Mode to frequent charging, explore below for more ways to optimize your vehicle’s longevity and performance.

Driving Range Explained

When considering how far your vehicle can go, there are two ranges to consider:

All-Electric Range is the range that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) determines when testing a vehicle while running only on power from its on-board battery.

Total Range In a PHEV, total range is the total miles determined by the EPA that can be expected from a fully charged battery plus a full gas tank under normal conditions. The EPA tests deplete the battery charge and the gas tank.

MPGe is a new way to express efficiency per mile. This term was created by the EPA and stands for miles per gallon of gasoline-equivalent, abbreviated as MPGe.

Optimizing Your Vehicle’s Range

Range will differ for individual drivers depending upon driving habits, road conditions and even the weather. Explore tips and tricks to help extend the range of your vehicle and improve your ownership experience.

Stay On Top Of Your Range

From EV-specific driving modes to a Hybrid-Specific Driver Information Display (DID), Stellantis vehicles offer multiple ways to monitor your range.

Further Questions

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