You can use Express Check-In through your Owner Site on, the dealer’s website, or your Branded Owner’s App on your iOS or Android device.

  1. Find a dealership in the dealership locator
  2. Tap the Check-In pin, or Check-In button from the list of dealerships, enter your name and phone number and tap Check-In—no login, email or profile required!
  3. Arrive at the dealership near the end of your estimated wait time and let the dealership know you arrived.

Oil change, tire rotation, multi-point inspection, wiper blades & air filter.

Yes—you can select all five services if you wish.

No, Express Check-In is available for same-day express service only.

First and Last Name and phone number—that’s it!

In the case that your preferred dealer doesn’t offer Express Check-In, we will show you the closest dealers to you that do offer the Express Check-In service.

You can watch your wait-time count down in real time OR opt-in to text alerts that will provide you with updates on what your wait-time is. Please be on-site for your service when your timer reaches 0.

Yes! Once you've checked in online, you can opt in to the ‘Text me updates about my visit’ alert feature. That will notify you when your estimated wait time reaches 15 minutes and is your cue to head to the dealership.

It’s ok if you get to the dealership a little after your estimated wait time gets to zero. If the dealership is ready to take the next customer, they will just take the first customer on the list that’s at the dealership. Customers who have checked in online and have been at the top of the list for a long time may be removed from the list if the dealership believes they’re not coming.

After you’ve checked in, you can tap the dealership you are checked into (note, its pin will be green while all the others are blue). Tap the green pin, hit the Cancel Check In button, confirm your decision by hitting ‘Yes, Cancel My Check-In’ button, and your name will be removed from the wait-list.

The estimated wait time is based on the current conditions in the dealership, including customer check-ins and available personnel. Your estimated wait time adjusts accordingly based on these factors.

By using Express Check-In, you can spend your time waiting time doing something more enjoyable instead of waiting in a physical waiting room. You are notified when your name is near the top of the list, allowing you to arrive at the service center at the right time