Grow Your Next Generation of Technicians

Yes, you can grow your own. To hire, train and retain a winning team of technicians who give your customers the best service experience available, get involved with the Mopar® Career Automotive Program (Mopar® CAP). Combining hands-on experience with classroom instruction from FCA US LLC trained instructors, this program was created to help dealers like you find—or grow—the best technicians around.

Mopar® CAP Dealer Benefits

Dream Team

Build Your Dream Team

Sponsor Mopar® CAP students, and you’ll be able to groom them as they work at your dealership while completing the 12-24 month program. This means you’ll already know they have the skills you’re looking for and will be a good fit for your team in the long-term.

Experts on Vehicle

Experts on your Vehicles

Mopar® CAP students learn on the latest Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep®, Ram and FIAT® and Alfa Romeo curriculum and vehicles, so you’ll have an experienced technician with product knowledge. This is much more valuable than someone with a general certificate or automotive degree.

Latest Technologies

The Latest Technologies

The auto industry is constantly changing, and Mopar® CAP students are always prepared with training on the latest FCA US LLC tools, equipment and diagnostic processes.


Sponsor Mopar CAP students
Sponsor Mopar® CAP students

Whether it’s someone you already know or a student you connect with through a participating school, sponsoring a student lets you groom experienced technicians for your team that are ready to work exclusively on the latest Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep®, Ram, FIAT® and Alfa Romeo vehicles at your dealership. Sponsoring a student may involve assistance with tuition, tools and the ability to offer a flexible schedule at your dealer during the student's training.

Build relationships with schools near you.
Build relationships with schools near you

From taking part in career fairs to developing relationships with automotive or technical instructors, having a presence within schools near you can be a great way to find future technicians.

Join the MCAP advisory board.
Join the Mopar® CAP advisory board or attend FCA US LLC dealer days.

A great way to find future technicians is to be a part of the Dealer Advisory Board or attend FCA US LLC Dealer Days at a Mopar® CAP school. Comprising dealers, students, FCA US LLC personnel and school administration, these are great opportunities for you to engage with a Mopar® CAP school.

Attend local Mopar CAP events
Attend local Mopar® CAP events

Interact with the next generation of technicians at Mopar® CAP sponsored events. Our very own grassroots networking program, Assemble Your Future, involves several campaign stops at NHRA® National race events throughout the year. Here dealer representatives are given the opportunity to meet with local students, for a day of networking and fun, enhancing dealer recruitment efforts.

Hiring Mopar® CAP graduates

Why hire someone with a general certificate when you can hire an FCA US LLC certified technician, trained specifically to work on the brands at your dealership? Mopar® CAP makes it easy to do just that.

Recruit from a participating Mopar® CAP school.

The best method for hiring new Mopar® CAP graduates is to be active with a participating school. In addition to helping you find students to sponsor, each school conducts career days and meetings that bring students and dealers together.

Sponsor future technicians in the Mopar® CAP program.

Hire service technicians ready to hit the ground running when you agree to sponsor a future technician. Dealers may be able to negotiate plans with Mopar® CAP students that they’d like to sponsor and hire as they complete their 12-24 month program—whether it’s providing tuition assistance or offering student loan repayment in exchange for a commitment to work for you. These agreements are not required and will vary for every student/dealer situation.

Hiring Mopar CAP graduates