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The importance of regular oil changes can’t be overstated in keeping your engine running smoothly. Schedule an appointment with our highly trained technicians for help in finding the right oil for your needs or drop in for Express Lane service.


Learn more about the differences between synthetic and conventional oil and why and how often you should change your oil.

Why Choose Mopar Service?
Why Choose Mopar Service?

The Many Benefits of Engine Oil

At its most basic, oil keeps your engine running. It also serves a number of other functions that help to prolong the life of your vehicle.

What is the difference between synthetic and regular oil?

The most common type of motor oil is conventional, or regular oil, which is derived from mineral oil and is often the cheapest option. Synthetic oils start with the same oil base but are further refined to reduce molecule size and ensure “slipperiness”. Synthetic oils are more expensive than regular oil, but they also need to be changed less frequently, mitigating the cost difference.

How often should I change my oil?

Check your owners manual to see what the manufacturer recommends for your vehicle. Most manufacturers recommend changing the oil after 5,000 miles. If you drive infrequently or make short trips, you may need to change your oil more frequently. Synthetic oil needs to be changed less often than conventional oil, and some synthetic oils can go more than 20,000 miles between changes!

How do I tell if my car is leaking oil?

Check your oil dipstick regularly to see if your vehicle is leaking oil. Worn parts like engine gaskets, oil pans and oil seals can all leak oil, and you may notice a burnt oil smell or blue smoke coming from your tailpipe when driving.

What do I do if my car is leaking oil?

If you are comfortable maintaining your vehicle yourself, you can examine the seals on your oil pan and valve covers for loose bolts. If the problem is more serious, or you don’t have the experience or equipment to address it yourself, you can bring your vehicle into a Mopar® service center and we can help.


Mopar® technicians are specially trained in the care and upkeep of your vehicle. Whether your vehicle needs regular maintenance or an unexpected repair, we can help.

Oil changes
Oil changes

Manufacturers recommend regular oil changes to keep your vehicle functioning at top performance. Our certified technicians can change your oil while you wait.

Filter changes
Filter changes

The filter helps trap particulates in your engine, keeping things running smoothly. You don’t need to change your filter as often as you change your oil, but eventually your filter will become clogged and won’t function as well.

Leak Repairs
Leak Repairs

Is your vehicle leaking oil? Bring it in to our service center and let us take a look. We can install or repair any necessary parts and replace your oil.

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We’ve got you covered for your oil needs. Our expert technicians can advise you on your choices and service your vehicle.

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