Explore our selection of safe, simple-to-use Level II (240V) charging units designed to charge your hybrid electric vehicle’s battery in as little as two hours. And with professional installation services available through our approved partner, Qmerit, charging up your adventure is now faster and more convenient than ever before.


Upgrade to a Chrysler Brand PHEV home charging station and charge your vehicle faster than ever.

  • UP TO 6x FASTER CHARGING: Fully charge in just over two hours. The PHEV charging unit charges up to 6 time faster than the corset that came with your vehicle. The HSC-40 puts out 32 Amps (7.7kW) of power, perfect for all plug-in vehicles.
  • WIFI CONNECTIVITY: Allows you to monitor and control charging anytime, anywhere via a mobile app and web portal to save time and money
  • EASY TO USE AND INSTALL: Small, lightweight enclosure; lockable, quick-release mount; weatherproof for indoor / outdoor installation.
  • RELIABLE: Made in the USA and backed by a 3-year warranty and outstanding customer service.
  • SMART GRID OPTIMIZATION: Allows you to reduce energy costs by charging at low-rate times and potentially participate in available programs to further lower the cost of owning and driving your EV.
Mopar Plugin Charger

Upgrade to a Mopar® Brand PHEV home charging station and charge your vehicle faster than ever.

  • FASTER CHARGING: The PHEV charging unit charges up to 5.5 times faster than the cordset that came with your vehicle. The HSC-40 puts out 32 Amps (7.7kW) of power, perfect for all plug-in vehicles. Miles of range per hour of charging: 14.50.
  • CONVENIENT: The unit's compact size offers flexible installation and usability. An integrated cable wrap keeps the 25-foot charging cable neatly stowed and the included wall mount connector holster and padlock keep it all secure.
  • RELIABLE: A rugged, fully-sealed enclosure—built to National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) Level 4 standards—allows for installation anywhere, indoors or out. The PHEV charging unit is made in America and backed by a 3-year warranty and outstanding customer service.
  • SAFETY CERTIFIED: The PHEV charging unit is Extract Transform and Load (ETL) listed, demonstrating that it has met the requirements of widely accepted product safety standards for electric vehicle charging stations.
Mopar Wired Charger
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We’ve teamed up with Qmerit to make the installation of a faster available Level II charger more convenient than ever. With their certified electrification technicians and top-rated customer care specialists, Qmerit ensures your satisfaction at every step.


Convenient Installation

Convenient Installation

Answer a few questions about your home and Qmerit will contact you to schedule an installation time that works best for you.

Vetted Pros

Vetted Pros

Qmerit certified installers are licensed, insured and rigorously screened so they continue to meet our exacting standards—and yours.

Happiness Guarantee

Happiness Guarantee

You’re in good hands with Qmerit. If your available EV Level II charger ever needs servicing, you can be sure the Qmerit team will be there to help.

Hybrid Charging Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions, answered. Learn more about hybrid vehicle technology and at-home plug-in hybrid electric vehicle charging.

A PHEV combines a gas engine and an electric motor powered by a battery that can be recharged by plugging it in. With a plug-in hybrid vehicle, you can drive using all-electric power, the gas engine or a combination of both.

The Level I 120-volt charger can be fully recharged in approximately 14 hours. You can shorten the time and charge your vehicle in as little as 2 hours by using an available Level II 240-volt charger. However, the estimated charging times are based on a completely discharged high-voltage battery. Charging times will vary based on various factors including the age, condition, state of charge, available current being provided to the charger from its energy source and temperature of the high-voltage battery.

The Jeep Wrangler 4xe and Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid come equipped with a Level I charger, so you don’t have to purchase one. But if you’re looking for a faster charge time, you can purchase a Level II 240-volt charger through or your local Chrysler or Jeep Brand dealership.

Absolutely! The Wrangler 4xe and Pacifica Hybrid are plug-in hybrid electric vehicles that combine a powerful electric motor with a gas engine, which means that even when the vehicle isn’t charged, you can still drive using the gas engine.



The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid fits your family's needs with innovative efficiency, space and seating for up to seven. The intuitive hybrid system automatically switches between gas and electric power depending on driving conditions and battery-charge level. Click below to learn more about Chrysler Brand Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles.

Wrangler Charges Ahead