Uconnect® Pairing Instructions

How to Pair Your Smartphone with Bluetooth®

Pair your Bluetooth®-enabled smartphone with Uconnect® to enjoy hands-free access to essential smartphone features like making and receiving calls , streaming your favorite tunes through your vehicle speakers and more. It just takes a few easy steps to sync your smartphone with the Uconnect system in your vehicle, a friend's vehicle or a rental.

Pair Your Smartphone in Four Simple Steps

Important! It’s easy to restore a lost or broken smartphone pairing, but you must first delete any existing pairing from both your smartphone and your vehicle before attempting to re-pair. Learn More

To pair a smartphone, watch this video or complete the following steps:

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Watch this video to Learn More

Look Up Detailed Instructions For Your Uconnect® System and Smartphone

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Pairing your phone is just the beginning. Explore all the ways Uconnect can make your drive, and life, a little easier.

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