Enjoy Entertainment at Your Service

With SiriusXM Satellite Radio* on Uconnect®, you can listen to your favourite soundtrack – then, switch to the news, a comedy program or the sports station you love. You can take your soundscape even further with a premium experience through systems like BeatsAudio™, Alpine®, harman/kardon®, ∞ Infinity® or Boston Acoustics®. And, don’t forget about your passengers. With rear-seat entertainment options, they’ll be entertained with their own movies, games and music while you sit back and enjoy the ride.

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*Requires SiriusXM radio subscriptions governed by SIRIUS terms and conditions available at siriusxm.ca

Phone Pairing

Call Ahead or Catch Up

Integrate your phone with Uconnect® for a beautifully seamless driving experience. Your music volume adjusts automatically so you can hear driving directions and incoming calls, but then intuitively returns right on cue. Plus, catching up with friends or making a reservation at your favourite restaurant has never been easier. Just use voice commands to make a call, since all your contacts are synced with your Uconnect® system through Wireless Connectivity Streaming Audio.

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Relax and Let Uconnect® Navigate

No matter where your travels take you, with Uconnect®, you'll know where you are, where you are going, and how long it will take you to get there. Well-designed 3D maps help you slip-through traffic, while merging and turning using sensor-assisted GPS. Audio directions and voice prompts also provide turn-by-turn guidance along the way. You can even search a location from a smartphone app and send it directly to your Uconnect® Touchscreen. And with SiriusXM Satellite Radio* enhancing your navigation, you can access accidents, constructions, road closures* and weather details** as well, getting you to your destination more easily than ever before.

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*Requires SiriusXM radio subscriptions governed by SIRIUS terms and conditions available at siriusxm.ca

Voice Commands

Discover Hands-free Calling and Voice Text Reply

Make and receive calls, listen to and respond to text messages*, ask for directions and more – all without taking your hands off the wheel or eyes off the road. Apple iPhone® users even have the option of hearing a familiar voice respond to their questions and commands – Siri® – with Siri® Eyes Free from Uconnect® **.

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*Uconnect® text messaging feature not available with all phones.

**Siri® Eyes Free requires an iPhone® mobile device equipped with the Siri® feature. Certain features not available while the vehicle is in motion. iPhone® must be within active cellular range. Customers’ existing iPhone® data rates apply to Internet-supported features.

Comfort Features

Sit Back. Get Comfortable

Adjust your seat or cabin temperature; select a new music station; or make a call without taking your eyes from the road. All your radio, touchscreen and steering wheel controls are designed to be easy to find and easy to use.

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Accessible Audio Control

Adjust Audio With Your Hands on the Wheel

Change from FM to Satellite, from one channel to another, adjust the volume or change your tracks without ever taking your hands off the wheel. A pair of rocker-switch buttons is mounted where your fingers rest on the back side of your steering wheel. Try them once and you'll never know how you drove without them.

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Touchscreen Display

Control at Your Fingertips

Control navigation, entertainment, climate, and phone from one place. View album art and artist information or street maps and points of interest.

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