Featured Jeep® Performance Parts


The custom chassis products from Jeep® Performance Parts provide increased performance, ground clearance and off-road articulation. Plus, they boost ride comfort and control when you find yourself venturing off the beaten path. Get quality and balanced suspension upgrades and components, plus lift kits* for your specific applications.


On the trail, rubber meets the rock. That's why the wheels from Jeep® Performance Parts are engineered to accommodate wider, aggressive off-road tires and cope with paths never touched by painted lines. Available on 2007-2015 Jeep® Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited vehicles. Backspacing allows an upgrade of up to 35" tires without frame interference.

Driveline Components

Jeep® Performance Parts driveline components are built to withstand the most challenging conditions you'll find off-road - like when one set of wheels rests on solid ground and the other is on a slippery slope. Find the components that are right for you so you can confidently go where others fear to tread.

Engine Components

The engine components from Jeep® Performance Parts help you build your engine with confidence using factory-engineered parts. The cold air intake is a bolt-on system designed to allow cooler outside air to flow through a directional cone filter, directly into the intake manifold. The result? An increase in both horsepower and torque under varying conditions.

Off-Road Accessories

Wherever you're going, off-road accessories from Jeep® Performance Parts can help you go farther. You can upgrade your vehicle's rig to meet your own adventures and off-road challenges - even if it means helping other four-wheelers meet theirs, like with a powerful Warn Winch, for example.

Show Disclaimers

*Those Jeep® Performance Parts designated as "Off-Road Only" have not been evaluated or tested for crashworthiness or compliance with safety standards. Any Jeep® Performance Part noted as "Off-Road Only" may not be installed by a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep®, Ram, FIAT® or Alfa Romeo dealer on a new vehicle, and may not be sold or financed in conjunction with the sale of a new vehicle. FCA US LLC does not authorize the installation of any part noted as "Off-Road Only" on any vehicle prior to its first retail sale.